Friday, January 20, 2017

Ah, Hello Desk! Hello Lamp!

I'm sitting at my desk. My kitten is in my lap. My desk light is on.

I'm writing this instead of staring at a blank page... but it's only temporary procrastination.

It's been weeks since I've been able to get here.

aaaahhhhh. Happy sigh.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016


So much NEW to tell you about!!!

Did you see my NEW website? I'm still working out the kinks but it sure looks awesome, no?

Aaaand NEW editions of Game Plan and Aptitude!!! Aptitude is now available :D Did you see the NEW deets to the cover? I love love love it. And when you open it up and re-read Aptitude, you'll find my favourite NEW touch, the notes Aubin and Hessa write are shown in their own handwriting! I'm absolutely tickled purple about that.

Game Plan will be re-released soooooon! I have my expert designer making the inside look awesome and then the cover will be done.

And that's not all that's NEW... Februrary brings out a NEW release! Take These Broken Wings will fly on February 28th! Of course there'll be a GoodReads Giveaway! Seems like a good way to weather the end of winter.


Wednesday, November 09, 2016

What Next

The term "What Next" is repeated several times in my WIP as the main character tries to figure out how to move forward from an unexpected tragedy.

What Next?

My head is spinning trying to figure that out.

What Next? What Next. What the f*ck next.

When things get muddled, I write to straighten out my thoughts... but today this page is daunting.

Most of all, I feel sad.

This man stands for hate and fear and Us against Them. He is a bully. He is ignorant. He is reckless.

And by being voted in, he has been told that all of the hate and anger and fear and blame that he has spewed over the past two years - towards women, muslims, LGBTQ, Hispanics, immigrants, ... - is okay. Okay. Acceptable. Fair. Right?

And to think there are that many people out there who support that message? Sad.


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