Friday, August 30, 2013

Social Media

Game Plan grew into a YA book - I didn't have a plan to write it that way, I just had a story to tell and as it developed I realized that's what it was. But to make MY story into a story a YA reader would enjoy I had to work a lot on the dialogue, the interactions, the details that make my characters ACT like teens, not growed ups like me. Tough but doable. It was fun to explore and discover what makes a teen seem like a teen, right down to the texting - I still spell out every. single. word.

I've also been learning about social media. I've been a FB junky for years and I love Instagram, but I've pretty much ignored the rest. Today I sat down with my brilliant publisher who knows all about the techy world and she taught me everything she knows. Not really. But she showed me enough to be dangerous out there in the cyber world.

Good thing my kids aren't teens yet... their young age will save them a great deal of embarrassment.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Guess what? Books coming out in the fall...

There are some books coming out this fall... Some in September, some in October and one or two in November.

You may be interested to look (click here)... and if you were, make sure you scroll waaaay down to the bottom, in November, under YA, there's a book being released by - little ol' me!!!

You should check it out. Really!

(I'm so easily amused!)

And check this out too! Very cool.


Monday, August 26, 2013

The Most Exciting Part!

Guess what?

I saw cover designs today... mock-ups for Game Plan!

Once upon a time I was an artist who loved to draw and paint. I should do it more but I don't. I still love it though, and so the one thing that seems to make the book REAL and not just a file on my computer is a cover. A real live cover!

So the designs I saw today are ideas and starting points, there are things to tweek and change. But I was so thrilled to see them I actually had to take a second and a breath when my cursor hovered over the file name before I clicked and opened it.

Oh yeah, you don't get to see it yet, na-na-na-boo-boo!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Two

Game Plan is back in the hands of Fierce Ink Press for a final editing round. While I wait, I'm keeping myself busy working on my second book that has no name because the more I think of it the more I dislike the working title.

I really LOVE this new story. I mean LOVE. Kinda conceited, eh? What gall... but I don't feel like it's Mine in a way, I love that it came to me. It was much harder to write than Game Plan but the end result is so exciting. I'm on my third? fourth? edit, looking at specific weaknesses and trying to flesh out areas that need more. I get so caught up in this one when I dive it...


Monday, August 19, 2013


So we arrived home yesterday, after 4705 km on the road. Yes, exactly 4705. And all of the editing and writing I was excited to get done on my 'downtime' didn't get done, of course. There was very little downtime. I've spent the morning racing through the things I need to do so I can jump back into Game Plan edits and other things waiting for me. This post is one of them, getting so much closer to my Word Doc time but it would go more smoothly if FB would stop messing around with my head and just post the damn pictures already.

To write relevant stories, I like to watch and learn from what happens around me. A lot of Game Plan is autobiographical, though not in a factual way - I took events, feelings, thoughts and attributed it to other people. I don't really know how else you'd write? How do you write something you've never experienced (at least in parts)?

SO here are the 10 things I learned on my 4705 km trip with the Munsters to Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, our visits to The Bell Centre - Canadiens Hall of Fame, meeting Baby, Springridge Farm, Hockey Hall of Fame, Jays Game 1, Dinner with Marianne and Nina, Wonderland, campsite pool and playground, visiting more friends, Jays Game 2, Toronto Zoo, BaskinRobbins, Museum of Nature, the Mint, Parliament Buildings, ByWard Market, Ghost Walk Tour, Light show on Parliament Hill, 24 Sussex, Rideau Hall, Aviation Museum, Star Wars Identity Exhibit... phew.

1. In combination, Google Maps and a 10 year old navigator sway unpredictably between surprizingly effective and dangerously terrible.
2. I think I'm finally old enough to enjoy CBC Radio.
3. Hearing either Bruce Springsteen or Blue Jays Baseball will make any situation better.
4. Quebec City is lacking in hotel rooms for people who don't want to pay $200+/night.
5. My children have all turn into Mini-Mes when they're cranky - not a good thing.
6. Punishing a child by taking away entertainment such as screens or toys doesn't really help the situation.
7. My 9 year old is smarter than at least two tour guides in Ottawa.
8. My kids have kick-ass stamina, especially for amusement parks - 12+ hours without stopping. Except to pee - refillable cups aren't the best idea.
9. I'm too old to remember 10 things about our 10 day trip.


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