Saturday, March 30, 2013

Title Works

When I was writing my story it had the perfect title - Walking in Faith. I had attended a sermon in which the minister said "walk forward in faith and even if it doesn't work out as you planned good things will happen." To me that meant, "Write. If nothing comes of it, at least I wrote." And as the last pages fell into place I realized the characters were walking their own journeys with a lot of faith, not knowing how it would end up but keeping hope and faith that things will work out. At points, that's all they have. I thought the title was perfect... until the feedback came in saying readers thought it was a Christian themed story, which it really isn't. I guess I should have seen it coming, right? I mean the source was a sermon.

So when I submitted the story - after waiting months for the perfect time, I sent it in on impulse late one night - I didn't have a title for it. I came up with something because I wanted to send it off. Her Story was the best I could think of at that time of night. I thought it was appropriate, could apply to Kat or Ella, or even to the baby. But bland, right? Certainly doesn't jump off the shelf at anyone.

When I read over The Contract (that would be my book deal!!!) there was a part that said basically, 'the publisher would confer with me about the title but they would have final say'. I thought I'd be territorial - it's my story after all, I should name it right? But I was actually relieved to hear that those with more experience and industry know-how would be making the decision.

Sooo, a few weeks ago, in preparation for the PRESS RELEASE, we started batting names around. I thought I'd offer some up here, kinda like the bloopers reel at the end of a movie:

In Her Own Time
The Assist
In Due Time
Getting There
Baby Steps
Finding Faith
Long Shot
Winning Record
(some symbol with no verbal pronunciation)
Silver Linings Game Sheet

Okay so some suggestions were better than others. Game Plan appeared early in our brainstorming and was bounced back and forth in emails listing favourite suggestions and somewhere it became THE one. We threw around other suggestions but Game Plan just morphed itself over the story and claimed it.

And I can't think of the story as anything but!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big News!

So I tried to find a town crier but there's a shortage here in Halifax. Instead I'm resorting to my online voice. Today is the day!!! A press release (can you believe it? A press release about MY book?) was, well, released to the WHOLE WORLD today at noon. That means I can finally scream that my book will be published by the fantastic team at Fierce Ink Press!!! I'm so excited to be working with those girls on my first book. Even though they don't deliver addictive beverages (read: Diet Coke) to the house, they have been a great support system in the initial stages of working towards publication.

And to publish a book, it needs a title. My next big news is unveiling the final title (drumrolllllll):

Game Plan

I love it. I knew it would need a new title, but was a bit worried it would feel like renaming my ten year old. When we found the perfect one though, it was easy to switch it up in my mind.



There's some news bubbling...


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It's decided! The nameless novel now has a name!!! It's not the working title "Walking in Faith". It's not the submission title "Her Story". It's super cool and very appropriate to the story. I'm told there'll be more information coming out on it NExT WEEK so I'll hold onto my cards until then.


Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sooo, I was sitting in a meeting this morning with a tableful of people I didn't know. We had to do the whole 'go around the table and introduce yourself' thing. It got to me and I said my name then said "I'm an SLP, a writer and a hockey mom". The hockey mom thing is half a joke - I'm a bball mom too, and swimming and music and homework and mean-vegetable-pusher. The point of the story is I introduced myself as 'a writer'. To other people. Out loud.

I have no idea what 'a writer' is. Grammatically, a writer is 'one who writes'. By that definition, I've been a writer since first grade. I've been serious about writing fiction for a year and a half or more. By serious, I mean committing several hours a week to a concrete and defined project (well, two). Was I writer then? Somehow signing a contract that says someone else thinks I'm a writer makes me start to believe it.

However it happened, identifying myself as 'a writer' today was very cool. There were no fireworks or expressions of shock and amazement, but I was smiling wide inside.


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