Monday, January 25, 2016

Writing Interrupted

Mondays and Fridays are my 'Writing Day's. When I decided to make a go of this writing thing for real, I shifted my day job schedule and loaded hours on T/W/Th to leave M/F for writing. BUT, if there are kid appts, they are made on M/F as well b/c I don't lose money when I take time off writing...

Today there's double duty - a doctor's appt then a dentist appt for different kids. The chances of me finding a solid hour to peck away at the computer are frighteningly slim. And then there's the bag of Dairy Milk and Ritz mix that I've been saving for a writing day so I don't have to share them with anyone. Sad all around.


Friday, January 22, 2016


I did it.

I ordered books.

A lot of books.

I had to fill the pre-orders from the Indiegogo campaign.

I ordered some for the Chapters in New Minas who has agreed to carry it, and a few extra for other Chapters.

I ordered some to have available at the book launch, and a couple for the library since they're hosting.

I ordered a few as gifts, and a few in the name of 'hope' that I'll need a few more than expected.

Can't wait til the big box comes.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blog Tour! A visit with Portia Adams!

Angela Misri, creator of the fabulous Portia Adams, has the first stop on the #GoodReads book tour!

You can read her kind words about It Should Have Been a #GoodDay here.

Check out other parts of her blog to learn about Portia's mysteries and her fascinating connection to the Sleuth Sherlock himself.


Friday, January 15, 2016


Lookie here:

What this young sir is holding is a PROOF of my upcoming release It Should Have Been a #GoodDay! It came for my review in the mail yesterday - and holding a hardcopy paperback of a real live book that came all the way from my brain is just as exciting the third time as the first and second.

But I don't get the word "Proof". I guess it's short for "proof-reading" or something. Right? Maybe? Professor Google says proof can be defined as "a trial print of something" which fits.

But I associate this kind of Proof with the first-listed definition:

This is Proof.

Proof that this book is real. This publication is happening. Proof that I have a book. That I wrote a book. That I write.

See what I did there?


Monday, January 04, 2016

Back to Reality

Ah, vacations.

Everyone's back to real life today and, in true Sampson fashion, my alarm didn't work this morning. And by 'didn't work' I mean I probably turned it off to shut it up. I don't remember. Wake up to Kids at School was thirty two minutes... not bad! That included a shower for me, though I suspect none of my kids brushed their hair.

There are a bazillion things I should do this morning. The house looks like it threw up on itself. Especially the kitchen. If left any longer the dishes may sprout arms and wash themselves. The couch is taunting me with cushions that are uneven and sliding out of place. The dog is reminding me that he is a terrier and needs exercise in order to not be an asshole. Someone spilt Cheerios on the floor in the kitchen and those fuckers stick to socks so it's like getting a rock under your foot that crunches and crumbles with every step. Laundry. Laundry is like a good setting for a horror movie - you see the situation unravelling and know it's no good before the stupid characters do....

but I'm determined to write this morning.

If the dog lets me.


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