Friday, September 30, 2016

Second Edition

Happy Birthday to Aptitude!!!

And to celebrate a first birthday, every girl needs a new outfit, right?

Can you spot the difference?

How 'bout a closer look?

Emma Dolan is such an artist - I made a suggestion to update the cover for this second edition and she made it perfect! 

I'm tying up loose ends and the Second Editions of Aptitude and Game Plan will be out soon, available online and from me. I'm so excited to see them in 'real life' again :)


Monday, September 12, 2016

Back in town!

It's been a while since I updated here... summer seems to be so unproductive.

I'm working on some new things:

1. new book (yay!)
2. new editions
3. new website
4. new appreciation for Starbucks London Fog

And fighting with some old:

1. old diet Coke habit
2. old desk clutter
3. old inferiority complex

So bear with me. Bare with me? (I honestly hate that word for anything but a fuzzy hibernating mammal.)

This gig continues to be a roller coaster. There are wow-that's-cool moments that give me little pushes like hearing from a university friend that she saw my book in an airport bookstore, or that a friend of a friend saw it in a bricks-and-mortar in the US. There are ha-just-when-you-thought-about-getting-cocky moments that knock me down like fifty thousand rejections. (I love the word hyperbole, especially the way it's spelt). Even the polite and encouraging rejections sting.

SO I find this time of year is kind of a regenesis. (it is *SO* a word, spell-check). It's a time to regroup and buckle down. Evaluate and remember my goals and the whys and flush out the nagging doubt and frustrations.

And let the dog out and in. And out and in. And outandinandoutandinandout. And in.

I can only hope I'll end up with a David Tennant type season.


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