Monday, June 24, 2013

Making it Happen

I tell my kids 'do your best' with everything they do - school, sports, music... all we ask of them is they try their best. Well, for now anyway, at some point we'll have to up the ante since their professional sporting careers (NHL, NBA, WNBA) are our retirement plan. But for now, do your best.

I talk with them about 'my book' and they know I'm working to make it the best it can be, and they are excited that it'll be published. (They're not all that excited to read it, Jack suggested the first chapter would be enough for him to get a good sense of what he needs to do for the cover art b/c the rest might be 'too boring'). What they haven't added up yet is that publishing a book is something I always dreamed of doing, and by putting in the work, time, effort, I am now anticipating fulfillment of that. The subliminal message I'm hoping they get is that if you want something, go do it.

On Friday I jumped off a building. Okay, I didn't really jump, I walked slowly down the side, but it was 35 stories of walking slowly down the side. I was happy my kids were there to see me go. Again, it was something I wanted to do... I faced a challenge and fulfilled a commitment.

Sure rappelling and writing are kinda different. But the message I'm hoping my kids get from it is kinda Nike-esk. Just do it. Try. Push. Step up and then don't step down.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Who'da thunk it?

I was  excited to get my manu back with the editors' suggestions, but I was nervous too... I was worried that the suggestions they made would trigger my territorial defense system - kinda like a digestive system but instead manages my knee jerk reactions to take my ball and go home. But it didn't! There are a lot of suggestions and working through them has been very enjoyable. The edits are sound and constructive - I can see the story growing stronger with each page. I didn't expect to enjoy this round as much as I am!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I had to evacuate the house yesterday... my revisions were due back but sitting at home waiting for them to appear wasn't safe for my mental state. Sure, I could have busied myself with laundry or cleaning but... well, I didn't. Instead I visited my Gram, ran to the mall, met Steve for lunch and deposited half my savings at Costco (who am I kidding, I don't have savings). In a strange linked-in kinda way, the minute I was able to return to my MeStation at my desk, My Pub FB'd me to say 'Check your email'.

And what I wanted to read all morning suddenly was way too frightening to look at!

I've looked through them and each time I read over the comments the whole thing shrinks to be a little less daunting. There are lots of edits and suggestions but all of them are sound. There are a few 'd'oh' comments that I can't believe I missed, and some brilliant suggestions that I never would have thought of. Strangely there are a couple where I first thought "oh, no, no no, can't..." but are shifting towards "Woah, that would be awesome!"...


Friday, June 07, 2013

Finding the way in...

I'm at a pause today - Game Plan revisions are coming back to me on Monday (SO NERVOUS!) and Book Two (don't like it's working title) is edited completely for the third? fourth? time. I'm spending today researching opportunities to have my work read - contest, grants, publication submissions, workshops, etc. It's daunting. The internet is a wonderful source of information. And scams. It's hard for me to see one from the other. If I could find a couple of good, trustworthy connections, I would have a much better handle on what's available and what's worthwhile - and could stop pestering My Publishers (still love saying that) with silly rookie questions.

And if Abby would decide if she wants to sit in my lap or not (instead of the up/down pattern she's holding this am), that would be a bonus.


Monday, June 03, 2013


If there's one thing in common with my two stories it's a good dose of heartache. I hope it reads real because I feel it when I write it, or when I edit it. It makes me sad and sullen so that sometimes it's hard to pull myself back to the 'real world' where my characters' heartache isn't mine.

I'm editing my second book today and I'm getting into the gritty stuff. It's hard to reread. But I love the story and I want it to be as strong as it can be so I'm pushing through.

I might need a hug soon though, since I'm not allowed Diet Coke.


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