Monday, September 21, 2015

Vicious Cycle

Happy Monday! Happy September!

I've been lost in a vortex ... obstacles of time and energy and lack of direction stopped me from writing or drawing since early August. Sure I did some editing and reworking of things, but no creation of new words or pictures. And the lack of creation sunk me. Low. Like Gilmore Girls marathons of inertia low. Which plummeted both my motivation to do and my confidence that it was worth doing at all. Course, while I'm lying lazy on the couch, pile on some unbelievable stress ... I was trapped.

Do you get like that?

I've said before that writing and drawing keep me even. It reduces stress, gives me energy, makes me happy and helps me breathe. I forced out a drawing yesterday, and pounded out some words today. They're probably not my best, not flowing or natural but forced and choppy and artificial... but they're down. And I'm a little bit lighter for it.


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