Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sooo, I was sitting in a meeting this morning with a tableful of people I didn't know. We had to do the whole 'go around the table and introduce yourself' thing. It got to me and I said my name then said "I'm an SLP, a writer and a hockey mom". The hockey mom thing is half a joke - I'm a bball mom too, and swimming and music and homework and mean-vegetable-pusher. The point of the story is I introduced myself as 'a writer'. To other people. Out loud.

I have no idea what 'a writer' is. Grammatically, a writer is 'one who writes'. By that definition, I've been a writer since first grade. I've been serious about writing fiction for a year and a half or more. By serious, I mean committing several hours a week to a concrete and defined project (well, two). Was I writer then? Somehow signing a contract that says someone else thinks I'm a writer makes me start to believe it.

However it happened, identifying myself as 'a writer' today was very cool. There were no fireworks or expressions of shock and amazement, but I was smiling wide inside.


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