Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Guest Post: B.R. Myers

Sooo, I've got the blogging thing down and admit to a Facebook addiction. I dabble in Twitter enough to be frustrated by my stream of ads... One of the social media platforms I've tried and not been able to crack is Pintrest (The red squiggly line suggests I don't even know how to spell it).

Today I welcome B.R.Myers to chat a bit about how she uses Pinterest to build her audience. Thanks Mizz Myers, I think I may just give it another go.

Pinterest is basically a virtual pin board of images that help organize and share things you find on the web. And it is the fastest growing media site for consumers and sellers. 
Did you know Pinterest drives more referral traffic to websites than Google, LinkedIn and YouTube combined?
That's huge!
As a writer, I'm concentrating on broadening my author brand on Pinterest by engaging and hopefully reaching more followers. As a result, this should increase traffic to my website and boost future book sales.
What are the best ways to use Pinterest?
Here's a quick guide to help you get started.
1. Brand thyself. Create a business profile with a professional picture (not the one of you in a marshmallow eating contest). Make sure to include links to your other social media sites in your bio.

2. Add the "Pin It" button to your social sharing plugins on your blog. This makes it easier for followers to pin your posts to their boards. Visit the Pinterest Goodies Page for instructions.

3. Create inspiration boards for your novels. My board for ASP OF ASCENSION has images of characters, favorite quotes, outfits, pictorial settings, and YouTube videos from the ASP OF ASCENSION playlist and book trailers.

4. Find your audience. It's not all about self promotion. Since you're trying to attract book buyers, create boards that would appeal to readers, such as; awesome book covers, pictures of libraries, or famous author quotes. Your audience will also appreciate a whimsy of your personality, whether it's pictures of your imaginary beach house, silly cat photos or your favorite cupcake recipes. 

5. Add the "Follow" icon to your website. I have one under my twitter button just to the right of this awesome post. Click on it. I dare you!

6. Follow other authors, especially those in your genre. Re-pin and comment on their pins. It's always great to see authors supporting each other and sharing ideas. In fact, if you haven't clicked on my "Follow Me" button yet, you should. I'll follow you back, and hilarious good times will be had.

7. Always describe a pin on your story's board. Give a voice to your character's image with a favorite quote. If it's one of my Wattpad stories, I include the link with every picture, making it easier for the pinner to find my story.

8. Pinterest is a great place to announce a contest or book launch! And when your book is available to order on-line make sure to include the link. 

9. MAKE IT FUN! I have boards ranging from cupcakes to stuff that just makes me laugh. You can also share images on Pinterest with your other media sites like Facebook and tumblr.

Here’s my Pinterest link for Asp of Ascension!

Happy pinning!

Thanks BeeAre. Look for Asp of Ascension to be available from Fierce Ink Press on July 21st.


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