Friday, April 25, 2014

Real Writer Problems

So I've posted before that I don't always 'feel' like an author. And I've posted that my path to publication with Game Plan wasn't really typical. Now I'm at my desk again to write and instead I'm muddling through some other tasks and I'm thinking maybe this is what'll make me feel like a 'real author'.

I need to look into finding an agent... which is code for "send your heart and soul out at the mercy of the people to be squashed and burned". Okay that might be a little melodramatic, but it does look scary - instead of offering up one book for submission to publishers, I offer up myself and my entire work to one person. They can say 'no you suck'. Check that, they don't even say 'no, you suck', from what I can gather you submit and wait and if you don't hear from them you assume you suck. I might be taking the whole process a little too personally.  Other writerly types say the right agent is a must have, and actually the more I research the more I really like the idea of having a Super Agent in my corner... I just gotta find the right one.

AND I'm applying for a grant again. I had applied a few times before without success. There's only so much money to go around and I'm sure there's lots of deserving writers in Nova Scotia. Now that I've published one book, there are more opportunities so I'm jumping back in the game.

SO on this Writing Day Friday I'm not really writing - I'm researching and emailing and compiling supporting material and drawing up synopses and editing and everything else but WRITING my WIP. SO maybe that's what a real writer does?


PS, I was going to search for a picture that illustrated the chaos I tried to describe above, but thought a cute picture of my cat might work better because a cute picture of a cat ALWAYS works better. Here's my cat giving my puppy some love.

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