Monday, September 09, 2013

Emergent Literacy

Sorry to Mom and my four other followers, you probably saw this on my FB page too... but I really like it.

Today while I was shopping at Costco, PJ carried on a text conversation with Steve (who is in Turkey - how's that for technology?). Then on the drive home she wanted to text my mother. Now, part of her interest is because she thinks 'texting' is something the big kids (read: teenagers) do and part was the novelty of having MY phone in her grubby little paws (not a common privilege), and the remaining teeny part was an interest in speaking with someone else but still... how cool is that?

I love that my kids can read and write. I was going to say 'it makes them people' but that suggests people who can't read/write are not people, which isn't what I mean at all. It certainly doesn't make them adults... maybe it gives them another piece of their identity, one step closer to who they will turn out to be?

Jack is a voracious reader (and I can't believe I found a place for that word). He loves big books, especially fantasies with creatures and magic. Elliot loves fact books, anything sports related, and his retention for itty bitty facts and statistics is frightening. The girls are still growing into their interests; Wen loves to read but hasn't really found a niche other than Capt Underpants that she feels is worth her attention and PJ picks books based on how cool the cover sounds (and I don't mean that in a literary way, just how cool it sounds).

I can't wait to see what they think of my favourites!


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