Monday, January 13, 2014

Meeting of the Minds - or stomachs

Back in November some of my bookie peeps hosted Book Camp Halifax. It was a day of discussion about everything books - writing, editing, submitting, publishing, reading, etc. I was on the committee to help out but didn't do much so I felt a bit guilty when I was included in the 'celebration' to meet and debrief over supper last night but, hey, there was food so I went.

I'm kinda busy. I work so I talk to people there - the parents I work with, the colleagues and friends I have there. I drive my kids to bball and hockey so I talk to people there - other parents, mostly, about how awesome our kids are. I have my bookclub ladies - we meet once a month and I have a few friends who also manage to escape our responsibilities once in very long whiles to go to dinner and/or a movie... 

But it's only been through the process of editing and publishing Game Plan that I've collected (Kamy) some friends who like to talk about the whole writing thing. It's a different kind of energy that seems to fill up my stores and push me forward. 

And kinda makes it real.

All that and there was good pasta too.


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