Friday, January 10, 2014

Reviews make the World Go 'Round

What makes you read a book? 

the cover? the author's name? the description on the back?

I am a follower, a reading-stalker even. I read books my friends read and say are good, especially when I've found that we have similar tastes and make similar choices. That's one reason I LOVE GoodReads - have you tried it? Word of mouth is a strong way for books to grow and reviews are important for that. When it was released Game Plan was reviewed by several bloggers in a 'blog tour'. Those were the first 'unbiased' reviews I got - from people who had nothing invested in the book or in me. It was nerve wracking to say the least... then exhilarating and rewarding and humbling.

Now that the publishing and the release are done the real work is spreading the word - shaking the trees for more readers. I'm headed to Vancouver, Saskatoon and Toronto in March to do just that. My Publicist Extraordinaire is working on finding me some gigs to meet and talk to readers and get Game Plan out there. And hopefully I'll hear more good stuff about it as it spreads. 

A long lost ghost from my past - one of my favourites - has come back to haunt me from Nfld and coerced her bookclub friends into reading Game Plan. One of her friends has written what is perhaps my favourite review so far: 

Ok if a good book makes you bawl (several times) reminds you of falling for a boy, remind you of your children's births.... And how much you really don't want to kill them.... Than this was a good book.
Isn't that great? I might have teared up a bit reading it. 

SOOO if you liked Game Plan, spread the word - add a rating and/or review to Amazon or GoodReads, hand it to a friend, recommend it at work... Please!


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