Monday, May 12, 2014

Amy's Marathon

I've been reading to PJ's class on Mondays, as part of Amy's Marathon of Books. (If you don't know what Amy's doing, check it out! It's an awesome project for a great cause). I've picked books from each province to read and we've all really enjoyed the experience. I've got four provinces/territories left and it's getting tricky to find the books. Today was from Saskatchewan, a beautiful book called I Know Here about a third grader anticipating leaving behind her home in Saskatchewan and moving to Toronto. That leaves Alberta, Yukon and NWT - if you have any suggestions let me know!

The rest of my day is writing. It's hard to figure out the priority - I have one story that is done that I LOVE  and believe in, I really want to get out there. Then I have this new story that is growing and getting better - where do I put my resources? I'm trying to settle into a pattern of doing research and submissions during the evenings and going back to solid writing on Monday and Friday. It just makes me feel better.


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