Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Friday

Feels like forever since I had a writing day!!! I've finished my very rough first draft of my WIP so today's job is to start from the beginning and build the second draft. Truly a 'fleshing out' process to add the meat to the bones of the story. That's kinda gross isn't it? It's not about a butcher, or a murderer who slices up his victims, I promise.

I'm hoping it's a worthwhile project, one that will resonate and mean something to the readers. It's complicated. Where Game Plan was a year, month after month, a very linear and straight forward story, this one is convoluted and twisty. It's only one day. One day in the lives of four people whose experiences intersect and overlap... makes writing it kinda tricky, but the challenge is interesting and fun.

Which is probably why I'm still writing this blog - procrastination is a strong temptation.


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