Monday, May 05, 2014

Book Bash and weekend stuff

Happy Monday!

Today's writing day will be truncated by a trip to the vet. My perfect pup needs a checkup.

Saturday was a writerly day for me - well after I left the gym following the six and a half hours of ball hockey games I sat cheered through. First I had dinner with a very good friend who also writes. We talked about our WIPs and shared frustrations and excitements. Then I headed to the annual Book Bash - hosted by Woozles and WFNS. It was in a cool quiet hall with paintings on the walls and artistic architecture... a very creative space. Several authors who had published books got up to talk about their stories and their inspiration, including me! Then I bought books. Ha. After that I went for fancy drinks in a fancy bar with three other writerly types.

Getting out with this crowd gives me a boost, a zap of energy. There's something almost supernatural that hovers around when creative folk get together. I remember it from my high school, and it's fun when I get out to feel it again.

If you're local you should go check out Woozles... it's a cozy little bookstore tucked away downtown. Books, toys, games, stuffies, lots of kidstuff and a friendly staff that knows all about it. And if you hate parking down there like me, they now take online orders and deliver on Wednesdays - pretty cool!


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