Friday, June 20, 2014

Scattered Directions

It's Friday and I'm happily at my desk, ramping up to my writing day and listening to last night's Jays Talk. It's a late start as I had to get my chick to the eye doc and will be a shortened day to get my pup to the vet, so likely a less productive day. Doesn't help that I'm somewhat scattered in my WIPs these days...

WIP 1 - Aptitude - I'm still sub'ing it to agents and publishers trying to find a perfect fit to get it published. I love that story and really believe in it so I need to see it get out there. Also it needs a new name.

WIP 2 - Henry - It's only called "Henry" b/c that's the name of the first character I wrote. I've finished a few drafts of this one and have offered it out for beta reading. It needs a lot of work, I know, but kinda feel like I need to step back a bit and give it some space to settle and breathe before I go back in to try and 'fix' anything.

WIP 3 - Charlie's Story - I'm working on a companion short for Game Plan that tells the Halloween Party from Charlie's perspective. When it's done it'll be offered for free on the eBook platforms. I'm enjoying working on this b/c Charlie was one of my favourite characters in Game Plan, but I'm really struggling to make sure it's true to him, something the lovely ladies of Fierce are helping me with.

WIP 4 - There's a voice whispering at me right now... it's intriguing. And painful. And scary.

So what do I do now? Probably hide from them all in the mess of Facebook and Twitter and Blogger and Jays Talk.


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