Monday, March 03, 2014

Writing Challenges of the Day

My drivers' licence expired on Friday which meant I had no choice but to head to the DMV today to get it renewed. Last thing I need is a ticket for driving with an expired licence. Or be in an accident with an expired licence or anything to do with an expired licence, really. SO I packed up my computer so I could work while I waited and headed to Access NS. That's when things got weird... there was no wait. Literally. I walked up to one desk, answered some questions and paid my money then walked to the next desk took a terrible picture (seriously, diet starts as soon as the ice-cream in the freezer is gone) and took my new card. Weird.

Now I'm back home, challenge #2. My diet Coke stash is depleted. I found a bottle that is 3/4 full in Steve's office so that'll have to do for the morning. I have no M&Ms but that's not a bad thing b/c of that whole terrible drivers' licence picture thing.

But my real challenge is this... my WIP has three voices. They all contribute something worthwhile. They're complex characters with interesting stories, differing perspectives and unpredictable responses. It works. But there's a forth voice who is hovering... so far he's one dimensional, straightforward and uncomplicated... he just doesn't fit as a voiced character, but I feel like maybe he needs to be there too... I'm not sure how to tackle this one... I feel like maybe changing his name is the first thing to do. It's a bit more challenging than my limited diet Coke.


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